Tonight I took the Butcher for a spin. We played 15 pts. I had said madman plus Berserker, Destroyer, War Dog and Great Bears. My GF with Sorscha had a Destroyer, Juggernaut and Widowmakers.

She killed everything I had except the damn dog, then of course charged the Butcher with a lot of focus. She had some shitty dice, but the bottom line is that she couldn’t kill him. Then he took a couple of hits with Lola and decimated poor Ms. Kratikoff.

Perhaps the guy from last post is right and the Butcher is overpowered. Perhaps he’s simply a freaking melee beast with few and expensive spells, which you DO NOT charge with your caster (unless he’s Karchev or one of those Skorne dudes).

I learned how badly I manoeuver with my jacks. She learned not to charge the Butcher head on. We had a great time and will probably repeat the game a few more times (though I must confess I really enjoyed playing with Irusk the couple of games I had… Butcher isn’t my kind of guy).