I just read, in one of the blogs I follow, the first comment about Warmachine being unbalanced. The player seems to be a returning player from the old edition running Mercs. I tried to leave a comment but being that the blog is on the retarded Blogspot universe the comment field kept sending me error messages and shit.

Anyway, this guy was playing MK2 for the first time, which should tell you a lot (I’ve seen a lot of old players struggling with the most basic rules changes) but the important factor was that the game is unbalanced because The Butcher charged, and killed (in one blow) his own caster, Gorten Grundback.

If you know anything about Warmachine (of which I know very little), specially if you played a lot in the past, you should probably know the Butcher can kill almost any (if not ANY) warcaster on a straight fight.

I wanted to tell him to play a few games, avoid being charged by The Butcher ANY Khador warcaster, and if everything fails to sell me his Merc army. But you know, the internets aren’t always working (specially around Blogger)

Now the other day Sorscha charged my poor Irusk and destroyed him with her Frostfang P+S 13 weapon and 4 focus on her. My girlfriend was really happy. I should have told her she won because the game is unbalanced, not because I was really, really stupid.

Next post some Widowmaker snipers for y’all.