Hah! Had you worried. A couple of posts without any pics and what’s worse, a bit of a rant. Well, none of that now.

I’m putting together my first task for the 2011 The Guild Build. I don’t have to list the items in any task beforehand, so I can do whatever I want, but that’s not really how my brain works. I like the freedom, but I don’t want the deadline to pass and have nothing for my team (team Loners… coolest team by far).

Anyway, I’ll be doing a complete gaming table, some scenery and at least one figure for the task. All under the name Northern Immoren (Trollbloods for Hordes and Khador for Warmachine). And here’s the figure.

It’s been a bit of an experiment as usual, and those are the ones I have the most fun with. Thinking about the Warmachine setting, looking at a lot of their art and also seeing how people usually paint their figures I noticed a couple of things. In the art the warcasters always have magic runes flying about them. Warjacks are always battle damaged. And let’s be honest, we all see ‘jacks as the Iron Kingdoms tanks. For the first item, I’m still working on it. For the battle damage (and even some camo, why not?) here you have the first ‘jack, the deadly, heavy as all hell, unstoppable and ice axe wielding Juggernaut.