Right now, in the middle of a very heavy summer, I’m slowly painting my Khador force. Playing Warmachine, and even Hordes with my Everblight starter, is probably the most fun I had in wargaming in long years.

In the internet front everything is cool. I follow some amazing blogs and video channels with lots of interesting content. There have been only two black spots.

First, GW’s non-stop Skaven fixation. I’m a LotR player so I’m used to be utterly ignored, but what about the people who play with the remaining (6, 7?) armies of Warhammer Fantasy? How do they feel having release after release, article after article on just one of them? Some of you probably haven’t gotten a new figure in years. Makes you wonder.

The other thing is an online order that needed correction. My brother got me for my birthday 3 boxes of Wargames Factory zombies through an online store. I have no idea about the change in management and all that story, and honestly I don’t really care. But it was clear that the order wasn’t going to be fulfilled any time soon. So I simply contacted the store guys, very decent guys so far (go Maelstrom!) and turned my present into Warmachine Khador models, specifically a unit of Doom Reavers, the Greylord unit attachment and the Winter Guard mortar.

So, GW seems focused on rats for the moment, so I’ll just ignore any updates till probably June. Have a lot of Warmachine/Hordes to paint and specially play. Oh yeah, PP’s No Quarter magazine is really amazing. In White Dwarf you could probably use 25% of the content. It’s a full 100% if you’re an Iron Kingdoms guy for No Quarter, which makes it so worth it.

I’m a convert, sorry guys. It has nothing to do with price tags, and everything to do with cool rules, original background and fluff, and specially playtesting.