So, I still can’t take a fucking decent picture, but I’m updating a gallery anyway. Finished painting the cruisers and the battleship for my Britannian fleet for Dystopian Wars.

Also, been playing a ton of Warmachine. I got my gf hooked (sorry woman) and she’s been playing my Khador, so I had to learn to play with Menoth (my brother’s figs). Think we’ve played 6 games in 2 days, including the first couple to teach her to play. It’s just an amazing game. I don’t care fielding unpainted models or even proxies (temple flameguard unit I do not own!). I even took unpainted models to a couple of in-store games, can you believe that? That day I played against Cygnar and then my first mix game against a Skorne Hordes army.

I’ll get them painted eventually (and take pics of the games). Right now I’m too hyped and can’t wait to read the Hordes manual to give my Trollbloods a spin.