Today I played my first game of Warmachine. I gave my brother a Menoth starter for Christmas, and I’ve got a few Khador models myself. We played a typical starter set battle. You can see I’ve got a metal Sorscha and Destroyer, but for the Juggernaut I used the masterfully magnetized Khador Heavy Jack kit. More about that in future posts.

Unpainted plastic, primed metal, unbased, ugly. But shit I had fun. I mean it. That game is FUN. Yeah, the models are amazing, the factions so characteristic, the fluff is just GREAT (if you find a faction you sympathize with), but the game is simply too much fun.

During your opponent’s turn you’re getting your ass kicked but meanwhile you’re silently considering your options for your counterattack. Using focus effectively is the real challenge, and knowing when and where to strike is the key. Watching a Warmachine game can be dull. All that dice rolling, ability using, and the models hardly move after the first couple of turns. But when you’re on the wheel, man it is fun. So many options with each little figure (not that my heavy jacks are little by any means) it can be overwhelming at first. And the best thing is you care for your guys. I love Sorscha, I like her story, and want to find the perfect troops to enhance her powers. Every jack has a personality, and you better go along with them, or they’re nothing more than scrap metal.

I managed to kill one of my brother’s light jacks and almost destroyed the other one. Barely scratched the caster. He killed my Juggernaut and then went after miss Sorscha who fell in single combat with the opposing caster.

Bottom line is: game is fun!