Well, it’s that time of the year. With the Guild’s task finished and the Christmas Buddy build on its way to Australia I can sit down and officially say my 2010 wargaming is over. You know it’s not like I’ll just stop painting and playing till January, but I don’t have anything I need to finish promptly and can just flow for a bit.

I am getting into yet another big Guild build for 2011, but I’ve got at least a few weeks for that. How could I not join when the results have been so great?

Getting clear objectives has helped me a lot during the last couple of years. I’m actually regarded as someone that finishes projects now, and probably have the biggest painted collection of LotR figures in Buenos Aires. Not bad for the ego boost.

The first post of the year had 2 objectives:

1. Paint lots.
2. Play lots more.

Did I achieve them? Well, I did paint lots. Really, a look over this blog shows I’ve painted so much stuff. I bought quite a lot as well though, specially in the LotR department, but also getting in a few new projects and eras like Incursion and WWW2, or making sci-fi warbands out of lovely Imperial Guard models. I’m not one to feel too guilty about my buying habits. I just paint a lot to fight it.

Did I play lots more? Well yes, specially from June onwards. Having a girlfriend who likes to throw some dice and push some lead helps with that, though I can’t say I played a lot at the local gaming club. I’ve found transporting figures is something that stresses me up a lot. Specially for something big, like getting 2 War of the Ring armies someplace else. I’ve put a lot of work into my game tables, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing at home for a while. Small skirmish gaming (if I don’t have to take the scenery elements) might be something I’ll be willing to do at clubs/stores.

Ok well, resolutions for next year will have to wait till 2011’s first post. For the moment, and not to post a text only update, here’s a hint on something I’m doing right now.