Ok, been a while, but here you’ve got some new LotR troops. Some Iron Guard dwarves, the great Balin, and the obscure orc chieftain Golfimbul. The dwarves add to my Khazad project (not The Guild’s one, the one before) and I’ll paste the current status below the pictures. On the other project, I’m painting a new batch of goblins and then a couple of formations in which every dwarf is converted. Fun!

Note: Golfimbul is hosted in the Misty Mountains gallery for lack of a better place. Categories in the current LotR line are based on location, and there’s none for the invaders from Eriador that The Scouring of the Shire depicts. However, there he will be with his wild warg pack 🙂

Dwarf heroes

Balin (painted)
Durin (painted)
Mardin (painted)
Murin (painted)
Drar (painted)
Dwarf king with 2 handed axe (painted)
2 Dwarf captains (painted)

Dwarf troops

3 Vault warden teams (painted)
4 Rangers with throwing axe
4 Rangers with bow
4 Rangers with two-handed axe
10 Warriors with shields (painted)
9 Warriors with bow (painted)
8 Warriors with two-handed weapons (painted)
2 Standard bearers (painted)
6 Iron guards (painted)
9 Khazad guards (painted)
2 Dwarf ballista (1 painted)

Goblin heroes

1 Balrog (painted)
1 Dragon
1 Goblin captain (painted)
1 Goblin captain with bow (painted)
2 Goblin shaman (1 painted)
1 Wild warg chieftain

Goblin troops

2 Goblin prowlers with shield (painted)
2 Goblin prowlers with bow (painted)
2 Goblin prowlers with two-handed weapon (painted)
16 Goblins with shields (painted)
16 Goblins with spear (painted)
16 Goblins with bow (painted)
2 Cave trolls (painted)
3 Giant bats
1 Goblin drum (painted)
6 Wild wargs (painted)