So, what’s going on here?

Well, let’s begin. I’m painting 93 warriors of Rohan on foot in one go. Yep, that’s like 4 boxes. All together. 12 companies for War of the Ring. I really like them.

Also painting Tau. I started with the vehicles, which I like the most (and can use with Drans). Already have some infantry though waiting for the brush.

Thinking about game design. This takes a lot of time of reading and writing, which might seem useless compared to painting and gaming, but I enjoy it.

Playing the hell outta Memoir ’44 with my girl, going to playtest some Imperial Roman and Celt figure stats for Song of Blades and Heroes I found in some French site (I think), and realising Gruntz is quite the Stargrunt clone. My design efforts are better helped going to the original than squeezing stuff from Gruntz, probably. Go check Stargrunt for free on the GZG site.

Also received Apocalypse Z from the Mongoose insane sales page. It’s an awful book, but with some good zombie content. And to be honest, I really like the Battlefield Evo system. Played it solo a couple of times, the World War 2 version.

Also received two wicked limited edition LotR figures from a UK gamer killing some of his stuff. The collector in me is very happy. I’ll show them soon enough.

So there, a brief update. When doing lots of hobby things the first thing you forget is to take pics and write about it, you know?

You thought I was kidding…