This is a Tau Devilfish troop carrier.

And this is a Hammerhead tank.

And this is a different Hammerhead setup, with different main, secondary, and drone weapons.

Now the magic trick is that they’re all the same model. Really, you can build these guys with just one Hammerhead tank model. How so?

Well, a few guides on magnetizing weapons, found here, and some tricks you learn after a dozen years of model making. So, while painting my first Devilfish APC I put together this beast that can pass for any combination of Hammerhead or even a plain Devilfish if needed.

Here you can see all the parts.

Here’s a few conversion work. The commander hatch was pinned to open (I have finished one Tau commander and two Drans, and will be converting at least another Tau soldier). Also the back door was magnetized to open and close safely.

While taking the pics for this I noticed the Ion Cannon didn’t seat straight. So I went back to the work table and added tiny bits of balsa wood, watching my millimeters and ended up with this, that fits perfectly.

Now to define the paintjob on the Devilfish, and then to paint this guy (and all of its parts) and a Skyray, a missile launcher artillery-like variant of this guy I’ve got built already. I was placing an order for another Devilfish when I started to build the Hammerhead, and soon realized I should get a Hammerhead instead. There’s really no point in not getting that model if you’re willing to go the extra mile to convert it into a modular tank. Oh yeah, some infantry coming along as well.