I’ve heard a lot of comments about many Warhammer 40K vehicles. I have differing opinions on many of them, but it’s strange what happens with Tau. The only vehicles I’ve ever heard passionate discourses about how awful they are, how awkward the look, how cartoony they seem, is the Tau range of vehicles and tanks. Like with so many things, the differences between the “40K crowd” and myself are evident.

For me they’re without a doubt the most beautiful models in the complete 40K universe. When I painted some Drantakhs for The Guild’s sniper build it became apparent that they needed vehicles. I’ve even got a few tank commander models as a gift with one order, guys cut in the waist to fit them in a vehicle. The Dran range has no vehicles of its own. And somehow the Tau tanks seem to fit with them. Yeah, Tau troops are nothing like Drans, but I think the vehicles fit the Dran even better.

So here I go. A devilfish is the first step. I don’t usually like movable parts in my models, but damnit this thing is just beautiful. The parts you see here, minus the gun droids and the tank commanders, will be painted separately. I’ll do the interior, and yes, I will leave the hatch, rear door, front machine gun and engines movable. Don’t know why. Maybe cause I can, and I want to point them in different directions during my games. They are that gorgeous. Let’s see if I can come up with a nice color scheme based on the already painted Drans.