So, a painting update. I’m frantically finishing my task for the Guild’s project build, but wanted to get these guys out of the hard drive before going mad.

Here’s the Carthaginian scutarii element I was owing my army. Now I really do have a playable DBA army with a lot of extra elements.

And next to it the Mordor troll drummer. This is actually the first troll I painted. Or started to paint. The truth is that between starting and finishing this guy I painted 2 cave trolls. This guy showed my how hard it is, but how much I love to paint trolls. He’s been through a lot of techniques and paint layers, and I decided “decent” was the best I was going to accomplish if I wanted him hitting the table. Thanks to him I learned how to paint the beasties, and plan on doing at least half a dozen more.

Both figures are in their respective galleries and I’m going to focus first on finishing the Task, then on finally completing the Khazad-Dum and Shadow and Flame supplement figures I started a long time ago. I’m not really that far from completing it!