August 2010

This gallery is for all the bits and pieces regarding WWW2 stuff like Incursion, Secrets of the Third Reich, AEWW2 and all other games/settings mixing up WW2 with the occult, strange, and technologically impossible.

You might find plain historical WW2 figures, of course. Since I collect regular WW2 in 20mm, all the 28mm will be posted here because despite the occasional historical skirmish I collect them with this purpose in mind.

Let’s start at the beginning. Incursion figures, part of the Secrets of the Third Reich universe.


APE grunts




These guys do know how to throw a party.

Just browse through the threads. You won’t regret it.

Don’t really know why I keep doing this thing. In fact I recently got a few bags from the same manufacturer with different poses and a few from another maker with a whole another host of troops, poses and weapons.

This is the reason I don’t play 40K around here. It’s not the rules, sweet little poorly designed beast of a game. It’s the players. And this retard has clones all over the world, trust me.

Finishing The Guild’s Task 4 with a few days to spare. Just one more to go!

A dozen wild wargs…

And a whole bunch of dwarf archers. These are the first regular warriors with a different color scheme in my collection.

In the following days I sense a Space Marines update and finally, finally, some Incursion figures.

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