Focus can be a great thing. I get to finish projects. Even side projects, like The Guild’s speed build (the Dran sniper team below) and most importantly I get to play games.

But so much focus on Khazad Khazad Khazad has made my LotR box collection grow. I’ve got so many kits I want to build and paint. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty cool to open a cabinet and see all these boxes waiting for you, like a little store inside your house (and the stuff is free! ok… already payed, not free, but you know…) but it’s also a bit sad to see all this stuff like that.

So as side projects in the near future I will be painting these guys. Of course, as a true wargamer I will begin with the latest acquisition, bought just yesterday and pictured below.

On another front, the painting update is almost here, and I’ve got a little surprise for you all regarding some cheap-ass weird figures I have shown a few days ago. And yeah, I’m soooo getting a couple of Tau vehicles for my Dran.

In case the pics are so lame you can’t even read what they are. (Yeah, they are).
We’ve got In the Clutches of Shelob, Morannon Orcs, Army of the Dead, The Fighting Uruk-hai x2, Winged Nazgul, Troll Chieftain, Wood Elves, Dwarf Rangers, Dwarf Warriors, Warriors of Rohan, Knights of Minas Tirith, and an Ent!