It’s been quiet here for a while. Work has prevented me from gaming, even though I did play some Song of Drums and Shakos less than two weeks ago.

So, plans, because they are so much fun. I will be finishing The Guild’s current task either today or tomorrow. I have also ordered the last missing figures from my Khazad-dum project, some dwarf iron guards. I like them so much I’ve got 20 on the way (yeah, I know I only need like six of them). I’m making November the deadline, matching the Guild’s build finish, and taking an official break from LotR.

Next? Well, I’m already in the task of building the Incursion game board. I’ve got all the figures with me, some even in the painting table (really). But I did enjoy the Secrets of the Third Reich books maybe too much. So I will be going for an APE platoon after doing all the Incursion troops. Yeah, I know, but it’s not the craziest thing I’ve done.

So, with SOTR I’m doing two things I didn’t expect. First, going for more fantasy rather than going back to proper historicals. Second, I’m doing WW2(ish) in 28mm, which I’ve been avoiding like the plague. Just when I thought I was healed.

Tell me you do not see this thing as a perfect experimental addition to the crazy APE armor platoon. Now to browse for a proper figure.