Yeah, sometimes the talk about international shipping, online buying and customer service can be “of the praise kind.”

A few weeks ago I received my famous Mantic Games ghoul sprue that Wayland Games was shipping to all the newsletter registrees. I know it’s been quite a while since the offer (when I subscribed), but it’s true they probably had a very big number of small shipments to do, on top of the regular business. The thing is the figures arrived safe and sound, the quality is amazing (that’s praise for Mantic Games though and their brave delve into the plastic fantasy market with stuff that is not a GW clone), and according to the date, the stuff arrived in only a month.

Awesome looking ghouls. Brought to you by Compaq.

So I was pleased, and while I was in my Incursion rush I browsed Wayland’s site. I found I could get both Secrets of the Third Reich books a bit cheaper than on West Wind’s site, so I took it. Yeah, you can guess where I’ll be wargaming next year when I’m putting Middle-earth on the backburner.

Merely 2 weeks later, meaning today, I get these 2 beautiful books on the mail. Add to that a copy of the Mantic Journal, a cool SOTR poster with a wicked Soviet tank ace, and to make my day perfect, the aforementioned Konstantin Samokhin figure, in the lead!

Now that is good service. Thank you Wayland Games for delivering, at discount prices, and not killing me with shipping. Thanks Mantic for a couple of lovely figures and an interestingly looking Journal. Thanks West Wind for an amazing product and a lovely free figure that will get a ton of company soon (poor guy is alone amongst the US Lucky Seven and the German Incursion pack making its way to me while I write this).