June 2010

Lights on the clothes and armor pieces. Proud of how subtle they turned out. Camo pattern on armored pieces and other spots (like the shovel).

Coming along nicely. Basic colors and ink wash. Next some camo, weapons and webbing and stuff.

I am so out of that dumbass WABlist yahoo group (I’m not saying retard to keep it PC… oh, wait). Not that anyone cares, but if you’re there you probably know what I mean.

And no, not even some of the authors of the books deserve attention.

You know I love the 40K universe, and I’m not one to talk crap about GW, but let’s be honest here…

Do people actually find this interesting? Or beautiful? Or even fun? Just plain dumb and ugly if you ask me.

So, yeah, I fell for it once again.

The Guild, speed build competition, sniper theme (but quite open otherwise), and “oh I remember I have those wonderful Olley Drantakh sculpts laying around somewhere, I wonder if I got the sniper team” thought on my mind.

They do make me finish stuff. But they also make me start other (gorgeous) stuff I had in the back of my head for a while. We’ll see how it goes.

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