Well, I’ve cleaned up my painting table real good. Next update will get my Task 3 for The Guild done so I will catch some air from LotR stuff. Specially because the tasks have made my Khazad-dum project speed up quite a bit, and I’m enjoying picking up amongst my painted troops to play scenarios at the club.

After the next update, however, I’ll start reorganizing the LotR galleries. They’re getting a bit out of hand, and making a few more and better organized sections seems like the best solution, specially for you if you are browsing them. So don’t fret if you see some weird posts in your Reader with new galleries and pictures you’ve already seen.

In other news, I’m seriously considering Basic Impetus as an alternative to DBA. A less abstract, more historically flavored, less competition aimed, more mechanically fun alternative. And most DBA armies have enough elements to make the BI counterparts with spare change (if you play with 6cm frontage, instead of the recommended 12cm). Let’s hope I can try it out this week.

Later Carthaginian army for Basic Impetus, with Spanish light infantry and elephant options.