Murin, dwarf king of the Blue Mountains, descents to help his Erebor kin. While surrounding the Mirkwood, they are ambushed by a large force of goblins from the Grey Mountains during the night. Losses are heavy on both sides, and Murin himself is badly wounded.

As the sun raises and the battle still continues, the king’s guard decides that taking him into the woods is their only hope. By chance, a group of hunters from the south, Gondorian rangers, see the battle and decide to act. The dwarves are surrounded, the king is dying. Will the rangers get there on time? And the goblins have a weapon of their own.

This is the game I will be hosting this coming Sunday at the gaming club. It’s a variation on a scenario from the Return of the King basic rulebook. I changed wood elves for human rangers, turned a goblin captain and some goblins into a troll (because I only have 2 goblin captains, and because the troll rocks!), and made the table shorter due to my scenery collection. Also, I’m letting the troll and his retinue enter the game from turn 2 on a roll of 6, turn 3 on a roll of 5 or 6 and so on. I will be providing all the figures and scenery for the game, which will give me an opportunity to try my new carrying case I bought some time ago and see how much I can carry to the club without having to leave stuff there.

The dwarves

The human reinforcements

The goblins

The dark reinforcements