This game was played yesterday, in a new gaming club near my home. I’m happy to have such a nice place nearby, and this was my first visit to it (it was its second weekend). I knew there was going to be some Wings of War, but was quite shocked to see people playing in a big table with lots of beautiful airplanes (my past experience was with just cards).

The guy who brought the game had pretty much every plane of the WWI expansions, and I joined for the second game. There were 4 German planes vs 4 Allied. I played with a Belgian Camel (if I recall correctly). The game was 4 vs 4 and it was loads of fun.

Our biggest plane was the first to fall due to the explosion card, and another one of ours went down before the first German. Then an enemy was killed but I was very badly hurt, and could only endure a bit more. Finally the battle had 3 German planes against one Allied. Thankfully, this player was the owner of the game, and the most experienced by far.

Unbelievably he actually won. The last duel with the surviving German was epic, and the game mutates all the time when planes start going down. Below you can see a ton of pics of the game, in chronological order from deployment to the last duel.