Today I went by my friendly wargames store to pick up some stuff, and I left 4 hours later. The reason? Wings of War.

There was someone else there, opening two boxed sets of WoW WWI goodies. He and the store owner were going to play a few games. They caught me by surprise.

It’s been a while since I had so much fun at the wargames table. The store has a lovely clouded sky mat to play on, and we used the cards in the sets (no little metal planes… yet).

We played a couple of games first, trying different planes each time. After that I had a good grasp of it and we decided to go with 2 planes each. I had the one with machine guns both forward and behind (don’t expect any military terms here… I don’t even know them in Spanish!). The thing is a beast, and ended up the last bird in the sky.

Fun is the best way I can describe it. Strategic, fast, violent. You’re always guessing and trying to control your plane and it’s just chaos. Chaos with small moments of control that decides the battles. And there are so many pretty planes for both great wars. My wallet is already shedding tears.

Not our actual game footage. But it might be, pretty soon!