Thank you all who have made comments on the previous post for your ideas. Instead of replying in the comments I thought about doing an update on the subject.

Regarding the excellent idea of making beach or shore boards to connect sea and land boards, I must say I completely love it. But thankfully I have an even better option than making complete 60×60 cm boards of that.

Remember I said something about very little waste when cutting the boards, but also that I had them cut too? Well, what I brought home with me was three little boards measuring 60×18 cm. They are just perfect for shore connection boards, and having three of them means I can use them for wide or long beaches.

Hell, the possibilities this opens up makes the boards way more than just 4 gaming tables. I’m thinking Epic Armageddon scenarios with sea, land and cityscape, all in one. And it’s not all thinking, for I have started making the tables already. I must say though that I underestimated the amount of paint they take. By a lot!

Right now the desert boards are gaining votes for the remainder six boards. They are pretty useful both for sci-fi as well as ancient gaming. Wouldn’t have Alexander charge through green fields now would you?

Here’s a pic of the connecting boards, though they’re already turning into shore as I write this. I will show some progress in the coming weeks. I’ve also got some Khazad-dum scenery on the way, as well as many figures. Maybe a tutorial or two!

Thanks again for your comments.