…is this? This, my friend, is four different 4×6 feet gaming tables. Each of those 12 boards is roughly 2×2 feet (60cm), 5.5mm thick MDF. Cheap as hell, made from just one big board (less than 2% waste, which was also cut to my requirements and brought home), and ready to receive some texture.

I will make 4 different boards, six panels each, texturing both sides of each panel. One is generic dirt/grass. The other, your regular wasteland/cave terrain (AKA Khazad-dum). A third one will be water, ocean boards for several uses. The fourth one, I still don’t know. I do not wargame space combat (yet).

Do you have any ideas for it?

PS: They will not be modular terrain boards. Just texture. I like my scenery completely independent of the gaming table.

PPS: Both my mother and my brother got themselves a Blackberry phone today. I got me 12 wooden boards. Now, guess who was the excited one?