Exactly one year ago I published an update with the first LotR figures since I created the actual galleries. And it’s no news that I’ve stayed in that track, painting lots and lots of LotR figures. During this year, without counting the figures in that original post, I’ve painted 306 Lord of the Rings figures. (And that’s just the LotR stuff).

I think it says a lot about the purpose of this blog. This was the real goal. I do play around with other projects, I paint different stuff and do lots of things with my wargaming time. But I’ve never walked off the chosen path. At least for a whole year.

So as a little treat to myself and the occasional reader, I’m updating today with just a tad more figures than the faithful “Current project” sidebar promises. So here we go.

First, the IG guys I’ve painted for a little sci-fi skirmish gaming. (You can see their gallery right below this post).

Next up, the promised dwarf warriors.

And the extra bits. The remainder of the plastic Fellowship (I’ve already painted Gandalf and Legolas)…

… and some of the scenery that comes with the Moria box set, including Balin’s tomb. I’ve been itching to get it painted for a while now. Just wonderful scenery, very specific and characterful. And this is only half of it.

Well, here’s to another full year of LotR madness, with the nice comings and goings that every gamer with the oMAD proudly derails him/herself.

Next up: three different Gollum models, another Gimli and Aragorn (bet you didn’t think I had more of those), a nasty cave troll, and a couple of WW2 German Ferdinand tank hunters.