Have you noticed a most strange “I hate 28mm figures” trend (for lack of a better word) online lately? I have, for about a year now. Several people hating 28mm figures, the glossy magazines that feature pictures of them, and any rulebook with nice pictures, good design, and having 28mm figures as the “author’s choice” (even though the rules might be compatible with any size of figures).

Don’t ask me why they hate them. No, I really don’t know what is it they are supposed to endorse either. They just like to say how much they hate “the twentyeights” with their deform anatomy and mass production paintjobs. On a side note, I wish we could all paint like some of the talented people who show their stuff in magazines and rulebooks.

It’s really strange. Being someone who paints a ton of different size figures, I just haven’t found a size or scale that deserves hating. I mean, I love wargames figures, and thought all of us wargamers did. I might not like a period, or a figures range, or a manufacturer, or a specific set of rules… even a paint style. But for one I wouldn’t mention it every chance I get. What’s the point then?