People seem to mostly hate plastic figures. I love them.

They say they don’t have the detail of a metal figure, or the heft and weight, or the moral validity. I love them.

I’m getting a bit ahead here, creating troops that will be a part of The Guild’s project build September part of the task (last one). But I do it because I know it will take some time. They are part of a unit called Murin’s Guard. You can see Murin in my LotR (Light) gallery. You will notice he’s the only one carrying a sword. Well, he and one of the standard bearers, which is a convertion made by me. These guys on the WIP pics are part of that unit. Every dwarf will carry a sword. I used mainly swords from plastic Warriors of Rohan, but you can see a batch of metal swords too taken from several models I keep handy for convertions.

Don’t worry, all the maimed Rohan warriors got an axe hand in return, so they will go straight into battle too.