Here we are again, taking some figures from the painting table and into the painted cabinets. First off a couple of Legolas figures.

Then some bad guys, a few orcs with spears.

And finally, a very nice figure in what’s turning into a regular sight in here: the completely random 40K figure. This time a terminator captain.

Now, a word to anyone considering starting a blog to help the painting of figures.

It works.

In other news. The Khazad project is going quite well, and the project build at The Guild is also coming along nicely. For Khazad, I will be done shortly, even with the scenery and all. The other thing will stretch a bit  until about November, but since some of the figures from both projects overlap, there will be regular updates on those.

So, what’s next? Well, I’ve been considering doing some 5150 campaign games with the Infinity figures I’ve shown before, plus some 40K troops, plus some other unusual aliens I’ve got laying around which deserve paint. This, however, will stay as a side thing, just like you see these random 40K figures showing up in the blog, crawling their way into the galleries.

The thing I really want to get into with the same focus I’ve given LotR for the last year, is Epic 40K. I’ve delved on it before, did some nice things with it, but it deserves to be done properly. I have collected quite a bunch of figures during 2009, very old, strange things as well as lots of basic troops.

Epic does something for my wargaming addiction. It scratches my “modern gaming” fiber. I know it might sound crazy, but it just does. And I’m probably not ready yet to get into modern wargaming, even though it’s likely the stuff I enjoy the most in, for example, The Guild’s galleries and threads.

What do I have so far? Lots of models, some scenery, a custom chapter (that is not the one from my regular 40K marines) and color scheme, with fluff and names. A few painted squads, with some notions of convertion work both in the basing of the infantry, and on the tanks. Oh yes, my own basing scheme too. See? I have been thinking about Epic all this time.

How to do it then? Well, having fluff, organization, and color schemes for both marines and orks goes a great deal into planning the next stage. I think I will start with a battle. Just one specific battle, that will help me build some scenery, paint a starting force for each army, and get into the dice rolling as well.

I think I will keep dwelling on that for some time while painting more and more LotR figures, which I just can’t get enough of.

Oh yes, next time: 8 dwarf warriors, and 5 cadian troopers.