So here’s a simple idea if you like wargaming blogs as much as I do. Following these simple steps you will have reading material for about 2 months (heavy reading by the way), and then at least a couple of interesting posts a day.

Just replace Google Reader for any reader software or site of your preference.

1- Visit Blogs of War. Amazing little blog about wargaming blogs.

2- Subscribe to Blogs of War in Google Reader. You will get the archive, to the first post made in January of this year.

3- Cruise every post from Blogs of War and subscribe to each and every one you find interesting (or don’t already follow).

That’s it. If you consider half of the blogs I follow came from doing this, then you will end up with about 50 new wargaming blogs in your reader.

Some things to consider though. I am interested in pretty much every aspect of the hobby, so I follow Warhammer 40K, old school wargaming, naval, any scale imaginable, scenery, pulp, and any other kind of wargaming blog you can think of. Also, keep your Blogs of War subscription. Just today a new blog was added, with a new entry, so you can add more to your own subs.

One more thing to take it a step further if you want. Check the links of a blog with a theme you like. You will likely find some more blogs about the same subject.