You can see below this post a couple of new galleries. One for the Orks (trust me, I’ve got more coming) and one for the mistery guys. Here you have the 15 boyz.

Some goblins too, for the depths of Moria and the project build. Only 16 more to go (for now).

And now the mistery guys. They are some Infinity figures I had forever. I’m going to use them for a small 5150 campaign, hopefully soon. I have to introduce them I guess.

First is Major Steven White, leader of the squad. Then you have Captain Katarina Solovyov. Corporal Enes Lobo carries the heavy weaponry. Last but not least, Corporal Lenhard Gaul, specialist scout. They are part of ARMS, the Alternative Realities Mercenary Squadron. They will travel all over the grid, jumping from dangerous dimension to the next, wherever their employers require infiltration.

Next up. Some ork tankbustas, 5 tyranid termagants, and 16 goblin warriors for LotR.