I’ve never been quite proud of the way I store my minis. Although I have a room dedicated for bookshelves and similar things (note I do not have a dedicated gaming room), I’ve always kept stuff in different kinds of boxes, always adapting, changing stuff from box to box, from place to place, and usually having almost no idea where things are (in fact, right now I have missplaced the Marines from the Macragge set… no idea where they are!).

The tall green box stores most of my Rohirrim and warg riders. The poor old Conquistadors, out “in the open”, and the cable modem box had most of my 40K stuff.

This started changing a while ago, with the whole LotR drive. Lots of figures in a relatively short time. And there’s really no point in doing it if you aren’t prepared to take good care of them after the hard work of creating them. So I started thinking about the way I store them.

Some French napoleonic troops, just standing there, just as the Land Speeder is. The three shallow boxes have Battleflees Gothic stuff (did you think I posted all of my figures here yet?), Warmaster armies and Epic Armageddon. The green containers with several small boxes are good for unpainted figures.

There has been some improvement, specially spending some money in good hard boxes, some shallow, some tall, where I can put figures in a somewhat ordered manner. But yesterday the sun shone in. There’s this big big warehouse store opening just a few blocks from here. It’s a kind of giant hardware shop, with all kinds of stuff for your home, from furniture to building and construction stuff. They delivered a small catalogue magazine all around, and I saw these wonderful shelves.

My cute scenery boxes, filled with trees, ruins, rivers, bunkers, buildings, and all that non cute stuff.

The structure is metal pipe, has wheels (with brakes), and 10 plastic drawers. The height is just perfect for a 28mm model, even with a standard, flag, or long pike. Check the pics to see it in action. I put it together in about 10 minutes (and you could do it in 5) and slowly started filling it. Specially with things that were almost “in the open,” like the 28mm Conquistadors, Blood Bowl figures full of dust, or my Epic stuff.

The thing after putting it together. The top metal plate is fantastic, and I can put a drawer there while using it, or just a few more boxes. Mordor troll and Blood Bowl figures for reference only 🙂

I was tempted to get another one, since they had just a few of them. But it isn’t specially cheap, so I’m hoping to see how much of my figures it can really take and then, if I’m lucky and need one, go get another one. There was also an 8 drawers version, so I’m hoping they will not sell out before I get my mind straight.

Inside they go, 28mm figures fitting nicely. You can see through them, there’s plenty of space for standards and pikes.