I love gaming blogs. My favorite webpage for a very long period of time now has been my Google Reader. I visit the reader several times a day, and having a very big collection of blogs in it means I get to read interesting stuff almost all the time.

You probably know this is also a blog. It’s not your regular blog, since I don’t update it on every aspect of my life. Not even every aspect of my gaming activities. I mainly use it first and foremost as a website where to show my stuff. And second, it keeps me on my toes when I start a project, reminding me of it and helping me stay in focus. I love to share galleries and battle reports, simply because I love when other people share them.

People blog for many reasons. Some guys feel down when it seems noone reads their posts. I can’t say I’m like that, but I do understand them. And like I said, I love gaming blogs. So I decided to leave a comment on every blog I follow. They are way too many, and I probably only comment regularly in about 2 or 3. Now I will try to leave a comment on each and every one of them. I’ll try it to be somewhat useful, and not one that can be confused with those spambots comments “what a great site I love it” kind of thing.

So, just wanted to share this and hopefully someone else will try and do the same. Just let people know you’re reading them, if you’re enjoying their walk through the hobby, their way of doing things, and even congratulate them on stuff that was useful or inspiring to you.