Some of the stuff that’s coming, both on the blog and on my wargames projects.

First of all, keep both LotR projects going. The Guild’s project build takes care of my WotR ambitions, and the Khazad-dum project (remember the one about painting all the required figures for Shadow and Flame and Khazad-dum supplements?) is also going very strong, specially since I’ve almost bought all the required figures. I will make an update on it soon, since enough plastic and lead has been painted.

To change the pace a bit, I choose to do other stuff but try to complete unfinished projects first. 20mm EIR army for DBA is way up there, since only a few bases are needed to finish it. And there’s always those wildcard things I can paint to enlarge my collections, like painting more gladiators, or Space Marines. A couple of figures is usually enough to renew my efforts on the “usual stuff”, and I’m never forced to do speed painting or big units on those. Some random LotR figures is something I do all the time, as you can see on the last post and some of the figures coming up.

On the game design front, I’m doing a couple of things. First I’m already throwing together a few ideas to make a WotR solitaire hack. Then, I’m having a lot of fun playstorming (that means just sitting down to play, and create the rules while at it) a mix between Warhammer Quest and LotR. Solitaire friendly, of course. Might turn some of those into a nice pdf soon, after some more writing and tons of playtesting.

That’s the stuff I dare mention in public. I’m always being bombarded by the wonderful stuff the guys at The Guild create, and it keeps me on my toes. Modern warfare and other sci-fi is always tempting me when I browse through those forums, but I know better than to just throw myself at some crazy project. I enjoy planning as much as actually creating stuff, so I’m having a bit of fun doing just that: planning crazy projects that maybe, perhaps, luckily, some day I’ll dive into.

Some Italeri plastic 20mm Romans waiting for some love.