This time I went for some character, leaders, named and unnamed personalities to lead the forces of Middle-earth.

First up a dwarf standard bearer. He’s a very special figure, part of my project build’s Task 5 (which is many, many months ahead). The unit he’s part of is Murin’s Guard, and I’m making them all carry swords. So they all have some conversion to them. This guy in particular was the shooting crew of the dwarf ballista. Added a hobbit sword where the lever was, changed his left hand, and scratch-built the standard. The colors of course match those of Murin himself (you can see him here).

Next is a dwarf captain, painted to match my Khazad Guard. Then we have Thranduil, Legolas’  daddy, an amazing figure (and somehow I ended up with another one, so I’ll use it for a cool elven conversion soon). After that two heroes of Gondor, Faramir and Damrod.

Next up, some Vault Warden Teams for my Task 2 on the build, a couple of Gandalfs, and yet another Faramir.