March 2010

Here we are again, with the original project. If you don’t remember what this is all about, check Part 1. Good progress has been done, and except for a few Iron Guard models, everything else is bought, waiting to be painted. Scenery is coming along nicely too, so Moria itself is taking shape as well. I can say that I’m only lacking in the big models, like the Balrog and the Dragon, but they will come soon enough. Remember these are all the models you’ll need to play all of Khazad-Dûm and Shadow and Flames’ scenarios, except those not involving dwarves.

Aquí vamos de nuevo, con el proyecto original. Si no te acordás de qué se trata esto, revisá la Parte 1. Hice buenos avances, y exceptuando algunos modelos de la Guardia de Hierro, todo lo demás está comprado y esperando a ser pintado. La escenografía también está quedando bien, así que Moria está cobrando forma. Puedo decir que me estoy atrasando un poco con los modelos más grandes, como el Balrog y el Dragón, pero ya van a llegar eventualmente. Recordá que estas son todas las figuras que necesitás para jugar todos los escenarios de Khazad-Dûm y los de Shadow and Flame que incluyen enanos.

Dwarf heroes

Durin (painted)
Mardin (painted)
Murin (painted)
Drar (painted)
Dwarf king with 2 handed axe (painted)
2 Dwarf captains (painted)

Dwarf troops

3 Vault warden teams (painted)
4 Rangers with throwing axe
4 Rangers with bow
4 Rangers with two-handed axe
10 Warriors with shields (8 painted)
9 Warriors with bow (8 painted)
8 Warriors with two-handed weapons (painted)
2 Standard bearers (1 painted)
6 Iron guards
9 Khazad guards (painted)
2 Dwarf ballista (1 painted)

Goblin heroes

1 Balrog
1 Dragon
1 Goblin captain (painted)
1 Goblin captain with bow (painted)
2 Goblin shaman
1 Wild warg chieftain

Goblin troops

2 Goblin prowlers with shield (painted)
2 Goblin prowlers with bow (painted)
2 Goblin prowlers with two-handed weapon (painted)
16 Goblins with shields (painted)
16 Goblins with spear (painted)
16 Goblins with bow (painted)
2 Cave trolls
3 Giant bats
1 Goblin drum (painted)
6 Wild wargs

Goblins, goblins, and more goblins!

Quite a varied bunch, but all pretty awful characters. First up 16 goblins with shield and sword, completing The Guild’s Task 2 with a month to spare.

Then it’s a couple of ork tankbustas, pretty nice models. Though I have no idea what they really do in the game other than bust tanks (I guess).

Finally, some tyranid termagants. I think I have another 5 of these to paint up. The thing here is that I tried the color scheme in which I plan to paint the rest of the tyranids I have lying around, and it works not only because it’s nice, but also because it’s fast and easy.

Next up, a couple of Legolas figures, six orcs with spears, and a Space Marine terminator captain.

So here’s a simple idea if you like wargaming blogs as much as I do. Following these simple steps you will have reading material for about 2 months (heavy reading by the way), and then at least a couple of interesting posts a day.

Just replace Google Reader for any reader software or site of your preference.

1- Visit Blogs of War. Amazing little blog about wargaming blogs.

2- Subscribe to Blogs of War in Google Reader. You will get the archive, to the first post made in January of this year.

3- Cruise every post from Blogs of War and subscribe to each and every one you find interesting (or don’t already follow).

That’s it. If you consider half of the blogs I follow came from doing this, then you will end up with about 50 new wargaming blogs in your reader.

Some things to consider though. I am interested in pretty much every aspect of the hobby, so I follow Warhammer 40K, old school wargaming, naval, any scale imaginable, scenery, pulp, and any other kind of wargaming blog you can think of. Also, keep your Blogs of War subscription. Just today a new blog was added, with a new entry, so you can add more to your own subs.

One more thing to take it a step further if you want. Check the links of a blog with a theme you like. You will likely find some more blogs about the same subject.

You can see below this post a couple of new galleries. One for the Orks (trust me, I’ve got more coming) and one for the mistery guys. Here you have the 15 boyz.

Some goblins too, for the depths of Moria and the project build. Only 16 more to go (for now).

And now the mistery guys. They are some Infinity figures I had forever. I’m going to use them for a small 5150 campaign, hopefully soon. I have to introduce them I guess.

First is Major Steven White, leader of the squad. Then you have Captain Katarina Solovyov. Corporal Enes Lobo carries the heavy weaponry. Last but not least, Corporal Lenhard Gaul, specialist scout. They are part of ARMS, the Alternative Realities Mercenary Squadron. They will travel all over the grid, jumping from dangerous dimension to the next, wherever their employers require infiltration.

Next up. Some ork tankbustas, 5 tyranid termagants, and 16 goblin warriors for LotR.

Here you have odds and ends, sci-fi figures from different manufacturers that I use for many different games, changing their names or descriptions as I see fit.

These are some Infinity figures grouped together in a squad for the ARMS campaign I plan to play soon.

Here’s a few ork models. I paint them from time to time just because I love the figures, and will hopefully find some use for them outside the 40K game.

Boyz. These guys came with the Assault on Black Reach set.


This is the second battle I played in a day as playtest for Isildur’s Bane.  The forces are the same as Part 1, but the scenario is different and Random Events were used. The pictures are pretty bad and that’s why it took me so long to finally sit down and make this report.

The game was a Meeting Engagement. During deployment, Aragorn lead a big groups of riders, Éomer a smaller one with 5 more figures, and a small detachment of 3 riders was deployed on the far left. The elves also deployed in three groups. First one on the left was swordsmen and spearmen. Close to them was a big group of elves with hand weapons and several bows, lead by Legolas. On the far right another big group led by Elrond.

Deployment on an almost empty field.

In the first turn all characters get low cards (J, Q, K) and if it weren’t for the big difference between red and black cards, they would be reacting very slow to things.

Éomer’s host advances and kills a few elves with bowfire in the first couple of turns. Elrond’s elves kill a rider from the small detachment, he then uses Nature’s Wrath and dismounts the remaining troops, one dying from the fall.

First moves. The elves are determined to hold their positions.

Halfway through the game I deal not one, but two Jokers in the same turn. Red has priority, the other is only used as an activation card. So Éomer’s group gets Warcry, so they now inspire Terror and have +1 courage.

His group, however, was well received by the elves, who took many casualties nevertheless. Legolas gets to dismount Aragorn, and his groups starts falling apart even though some of them get to make the charge.

Jokers on the table, meaning Random Events. Only one has priority though (red) while the other acts just as an activation card.

On the other side of the field, a lonely Rohirrim on foot keeps a ton of elves at bay, with incredible luck. Aragorn dies. Éomer does get to kill all the elves on his area, but it’s now time for a break test for the Rohirrim. First test is passed thanks to his Stand Fast.

Brave (insane) Rohirrim, keeping the elves at bay. Check the lousy elven rolls (white dice).

The Rohirrim charge once again, but Elrond’s groups has already joined the center of the battlefield. Éomer dies in this mess and his troops decide it’s no longer worth fighting.

Last desperate charge means ruin for the men of Rohan.

The elves have held their ground, and revenge was taken.

This was the first time I played with Random Events. It was a moderately long battle, and I only got one. So if you’re worried about the randomness of the events in Isildur’s Bane, you should know they don’t come up that often. When they do, however, make a great effect on the battle.

Casualties for both sides. A few more elves, and they would have to check for break too.

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