When was the last time you read an interesting discussion in the WABlist (Warhammer Ancient Battles Yahoo group)?

I really can’t remember. In the past couple of years all you get is someone asking something, and a looong list of replies by “the regulars” trying to outwit each other, hardly answering the request, and usually trying to be a smartass. Smartass is the word that usually comes to mind whenever I even try to follow a discussion.

By the way, if you ever get the feeling that these guys actually hate WAB, instead of enjoying it, then you’re not alone. WAB 2nd edition is coming, and sadly all you get is smartass comments and absolutely no real expectation. I doubt even a small percentage of the posters even played WAB a couple of times.

Yahoo groups and forums, specially those dedicated to one game or rules system, used to be wonderful places where to talk and learn. Lately you have to find small communities, usually not centered around one thing, to really get a conversation going. Places that are somewhat gaming club for the locals, and also online meeting point for the rest of us. The Guild comes to mind.

So WAB 2 is coming, and the designers will probably go to the WABlist to get some insight of how the rules are being played. I think that will be a mistake, and they will only find frustration.