November 2009

Here you have some Aragorn models, and a couple of Lurtz variants. I like painting characters in batches, so they all look like the same guy in the end.

Next up, finally some troops! A dozen elf spearmen, and 8 dwarf warriors.

Been playing some Isildur’s Bane recently. So much fun. Of course, most of the credit goes to the amazing original game, but the solo hack creates a very interesting game.

It’s far from total chaos, yet really detaches you from favoring any force. And best of all, let’s you put nicely painted toys on the table whenever you feel like it.

Here you have them, the riders of Middle-earth. Finally leaving the painting table and into the gaming board. Also, the last warriors of Minas Tirith from The Two Towers set.

Theoden, Eomer, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, and two warg riders. The warriors fight on foot.

Next up, five more Aragorns (why? would you have any less?) and two different Lurtz models.

This is truly art.

Found in Steve´s blog. Go check the wonderful pictures now.

Oh yeah, figures in the project sidebar coming up. I swear.

I recently finished the first draft of Isildur´s Bane, my LotR SBG hack to play solitaire. I´m releasing this plain text version with the hopes of receiving some feedback, be it playtesting or just notes on typos and grammar. Remember English is not my native tongue, but I wrote the game this way to appeal to the most people for the time being.

If you are interested, download it here.

Contact information in the Designer´s notes. And of course, all feedback is greatly appreciated.

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