Here you have what´s just out of the painting table.

A few more warriors of Minas Tirith, swordsmen this time and two uruk-hai berserkers.

There´s also some scenery for LotR. The ruins are plastics from the first and second basic sets if I recall correctly. The others are specially made for a scenario. On their own they look strange, but if you see how they are placed against my recently made Moria board, you´ll get an idea how it works. They can also be used as hills or upper levels, specially nice to place against the borders of the table.

Last, I finally finished the 10mm Warmaster High Elf army I had laying around for at least 6 years. I had the gallery ready and waiting when I started this site, and now finally it´s filled with the figures.

Next up it´s dwarves. Lots of dwarves. Four different Gimlis (yeah, 4), two kings, two commanders, Murin, Drar, Durin, Mardin, Dain Ironfoot, and another Vault Warden team to be exact.