October 2009

We played a Lord of the Rings scenario again, switching sides as we usually do. To avoid creating a new post out of the same battle, I updated the original play report with the second game below the first one. Lots of pics! Check it out!

Here you have what´s just out of the painting table.

A few more warriors of Minas Tirith, swordsmen this time and two uruk-hai berserkers.

There´s also some scenery for LotR. The ruins are plastics from the first and second basic sets if I recall correctly. The others are specially made for a scenario. On their own they look strange, but if you see how they are placed against my recently made Moria board, you´ll get an idea how it works. They can also be used as hills or upper levels, specially nice to place against the borders of the table.

Last, I finally finished the 10mm Warmaster High Elf army I had laying around for at least 6 years. I had the gallery ready and waiting when I started this site, and now finally it´s filled with the figures.

Next up it´s dwarves. Lots of dwarves. Four different Gimlis (yeah, 4), two kings, two commanders, Murin, Drar, Durin, Mardin, Dain Ironfoot, and another Vault Warden team to be exact.

So, I´ve been thinking about the huge pile of lead and plastic I have gathered during these years. You probably know by the name of this site and the diversity of galleries to the right that I´ve been covering a lot of ground. But recently I´ve been more comfortable with the idea of selling stuff.

I´m not ok with selling my painted stuff. But unpainted masses are another story, and I´ve been doing that lately. Maybe you´ve been one of the lucky ones to grab some nice deals from me. So I though about writing down my actual interests and a little view to the near future. This is probably of interest only to myself, so you´ve been warned.

I will be keeping a few ongoing projects, those that continue to grow no matter what. I will also have some side projects, just to take a break from the main ones. I also have some stuff I´d like to finish someday. Everything other than that is going away. All this regarding figures I already own, no purchases planned.


I will keep painting and gaming Lord of the Rings, and probably get into War of the Ring in the near future. I will continue to paint WW2 in 20mm, or 1/72 scale. I will also keep painting 1/72 DBA armies, since they are nice little projects that fill my Ancients hunger. I will paint some more naval WW2 ships in 1/2400, and hopefully start gaming. And finally, I´ll keep amassing Epic 40K squads and vehicles for grand battles in the far future.

That´s five very different ongoing projects, with different scales for painting and very different battles for gameplay.


Side projects are stuff I will paint once in a while just to get away from the ongoing projects. I will surely continue to expand my 40K Marines army, which I´ll never bring to the table, unless I´m very lucky. I will paint some skirmish games figures, like cowboys, gladiators, or pirates, for example. And between skirmish and big battles there´s always the El Dorado project and maybe even some Darkest Africa.

Need to finish:

While I do all that, there is some stuff I own that would like to finish eventually. A Warmaster Undead starter army for example. A few Blood Bowl teams I have laying around somewhere. I´d like to finish my 28mm celts, republican romans and carthaginians, but those are way behind on the line. I have a 6mm samurai army I need to finish too.

Now, after all that stuff I mentioned, you wouldn´t believe how much other stuff needs to go. ECW for example. Napoleonics. Falklands. Lots of 28mm WW2 figures. Some Warhammer wood elves and chaos. Some 28mm egyptians. And I´m sure there are some other odds and ends in those drawers I have.