Painting table is clean once again.

Here you have 10 warriors of Minas Tirith. Two of them are the conversions you can see on the article below, the other 8 are archers from the boxed set. You can also see my first dwarves from the range. I´m completely in love with them and will paint a few hundred I´m sure (they are so easy to paint too!). Boromir with the huge standard is one of those figures I had laying around for ages, and finally he´s ready for the battlefield. As usual, you can already find these figures in their respective galleries.

What I´m missing here from the project sidebar is an Indiana Jones figure I did. It was a birthday present and I couldn´t photograph it before giving it to my friend. I´m hoping he will take some pics soon and I will share them here.

Next up we have some more warriors of Minas Tirith, a couple of uruk-hai fanatics, a complete (yes, complete) Warmaster High Elf starter army and some scenery I´m making for some LotR games to come.