Just a quick note to share the happiness. Another fruitful search for amazing deals on the internet got me the following reinforcements for the armies of Middle-earth.

I won´t tell how much, but it´s a lot less than you imagine. No, even less.

The fun box has the following:

16 elven archers
16 elven swordsmen
2 warriors of Minas Tirith, a swordsman and an archer
6 knights of Minas Tirith
2 uruk-hai carrying hobbits
3 orc archers
Goblin shaman
Haldir, Legolas and Arwen
6 Lorien elf archers
Dying Boromir
36 goblin spearmen
33 goblin swordsmen
45 goblin archers with some metal armoured goblins in the mix

Fun bag #1 has 15 plastic Mordor orcs

Fun bag #2 has 46 plastic and metal goblins in different states of completness, conversion, or damage. Extremely fun “conversion” bag.

16 closed blisters include:

Mounted Boromir
2x Kings of Men (having the three variants)
2x orc bowmen
2x orc warriors
2x elf spearmen
Gondorian bowmen
Lorien elf bowmen
Uruk-hai bowmen
Uruk-hai warriors
2x Moria armoured goblin archers

6 box sets in differing states of completness, but most figures accounted for include:

Ambush at Amon-Hen
Fellowship of the Ring
Attack at Weathertop
Captured by Gondor
Heroes of Helms Deep
Heroes of the West

And finally, to make the deal complete and my year a happy one, two complete, unopened, basic sets:

The Two Towers (already had this one, but I needed (yes, needed) more Rohirrim and uruks)
The Return of the King (the only basic set I didn´t have… I love the figures and the scenarios in this book)

Not much to say other than I´m a happy kid, er, I mean, man. Happy man.