Another nice Lord of the Rings game on Saturday. The second on a series of intro games, this time I taught my friend about cavalry and scenario-specific rules.

We played the first scenario from The Two Towers rulebook, playing with 5 civilians instead of 6. Makes the game clearer and there´s no chance of a draw.

Ten uruks are burning some villagers alive in a farm, while a dozen riders of Rohan come to the rescue. Thankfully for the forces of darkness, another ten orcs are coming down the road to assist on the killing.

The civilians inside the strange “WW2-like” farm and the crazy bbq making uruks deployed on the fields around the burning building.

The rest of the deployed troops. Half of the Rohan contingent (the others were to the right) and the remaining uruks, quite far away.

The riders start to rush onto the farm. Starting turn 4 the villagers would start to burn! The uruks on the farm do what they can, trying to block the riders´ access to the farm, receiving devastating charges.

When they were about to be flanked by the Rohirrim, the reserves finally arrived. A drastic change on initiative (the Rohan player had it for the first 4 or 5 turns) lets the uruks charge for a change, denying any bonuses to the riders. At least one villager was already on a horse, trying to get away. The orcs did not allow that, blocking the escape.

A weird dice photo, and then the final stages of the game. The uruks on the right, fending off the riders, delaying them. On the left side the orcs were outnumbering the riders by a lot, grouping on them like rats, slashing at the poor rescued civilians.

When the 3rd civilian was killed the orcs cried victory. Sadly we didn´t have time to change sides this time.

Lots of fun with a good friend, some mate to fend off the cold weather, movies soundtrack on the background, painted figures and cute scenery. What more can you ask?