Today I was buying some drawing implements in a school stationary shop, and I saw they had some wonderful Casan marta brushes from Germany. And they had some that looked very very little. So I asked the seller, and I was proven right. They had, strangely enough, a few of the smallest in the range. I say its strange because I don´t actually live in the city, so it was nice to get this brushes without traveling more than an hour in the bus. And I was considering making the trip this next month. Perfect timing.

When I asked for the ones I wanted, the seller tells me “Oh, but there´s almost no difference between them”. If you paint miniature figures you should probably know, like me, the huge difference that exists between a 0, a 00, and a 3/0 brush. “It´s all in the details” I replied. And that´s what makes this hobby so beautiful.

If your paint stains, just a little, some blue on a figure´s hand (due to his blue shirt) the figure loses it´s verisimilitude almost immediately. At the scale we work, almost everything is considered “details”.