April 2009

Today I was buying some drawing implements in a school stationary shop, and I saw they had some wonderful Casan marta brushes from Germany. And they had some that looked very very little. So I asked the seller, and I was proven right. They had, strangely enough, a few of the smallest in the range. I say its strange because I don´t actually live in the city, so it was nice to get this brushes without traveling more than an hour in the bus. And I was considering making the trip this next month. Perfect timing.

When I asked for the ones I wanted, the seller tells me “Oh, but there´s almost no difference between them”. If you paint miniature figures you should probably know, like me, the huge difference that exists between a 0, a 00, and a 3/0 brush. “It´s all in the details” I replied. And that´s what makes this hobby so beautiful.

If your paint stains, just a little, some blue on a figure´s hand (due to his blue shirt) the figure loses it´s verisimilitude almost immediately. At the scale we work, almost everything is considered “details”.

I just read the excellent Legends of the Old West rulebook and two of its supplements, Frontier and The Alamo. They are excellent rulebooks, based on my favorite system (Lord of the Rings SBG). The books are gorgeous, they have excellent rules and campaign system, and make you want to paint cowboys forever.

But, looking through the Frontier supplement I came across this bit of fun. I guess the painter went to great lengths to research horse markings. But evidently he never saw a real horse in his life or otherwise he wouldn´t have painted that creepy human eye (which by the way I see many a wargamer do… go take a look at a horse man!).

Here you have some Lord of the Rings troops and characters. The civilians are still in need of basing, so I will leave them for the next installment (I needed to get these off the camera)

You can see these figures in their galleries from now on. They are Arwen, Goldberry, some Last Alliance Elves, a few men of Numenor, and some Uruks.

Next in the pipeline I have to finish the civilians, the Uruks that carry Merry and Pippin, 5 Uruk-hai including a standard bearer, and  Uruk scouts.

I love the new methodology so much. I get things done, and the workbench remains clean. Here´s a sneak peek at the state of the actual project (the one on the little bar on the right). The civilian models I found are so beautiful, I am taking some extra time to paint them.