I am basing the Marines and the Captain for a game on Sunday.  I will actually play with some unpainted figures, something I really hate. But I am lucky to get a friendly game with someone I know is not an arse about competitiveness in the world of 40K. We´re playing 1000 points and I have a unit of 5 terminators, 2 marines and a dreadnought unpainted.  The rest of the army (captain, 5 scouts, 6 assault, 18 marines) are all painted. You can see I want to learn how to use several of the troops in this new edition of the game.

But back to topic. Some future projects I´d like to complete (mini projects, as you already know). They are nothing until they hit the workbench, so this list is just for the perspective.

– 7 Uruk-hai warriors. I need these for a game on Tuesday. I´m teaching a friend how to play LotR and it´s my comeback to this wonderful game. We´re playing a very basic scenario from a Battlegames in Middle-Earth issue.

– A hill. I also need this for the Tuesday game. Just to add some flavor to the scenario.

– Epic scenery. I have some half made or half painted Epic scenery I really need to finish.

– Terminators and a Dreadnought. These are the unpainted troops that will battle on Sunday. If I have fun with them I should really put some paint on them.

– War of the Ring bases. I have some bases cut and with sand. I need to paint them in preparation for the upcoming game.

– No historical stuff? Mmm… I don´t know. I´m kind of burned. I have been painting Napoleonics and some Ancients stuff for a while now, so I´ll just wait for the perfect moment before starting any of those DBA armies I recently bought in plastic.

We´ll see… we´ll see.