I´ve been making good progress in cleaning the workbench. Of course this project completes other mini projects that were left behind. So I´d like to play something with my new painted figures.

I have painted all the LotR figures on the table. I would like to paint some more, but the workbench still has some historical stuff, some epic, and some loose ends. I won´t add stuff on the table. But I can still play with the stuff.

So, in the eager wait for War of the Ring I´ll play some LotR using the Songs of Blades and Heroes rules. There´s a warband builder in their yahoo group that´s just awesome to create more or less balanced battles (or at least to get an idea of points differences when creating an unbalanced scenario). What´s the point of all this painting if their are not gonna fight something? Let´s see if I can take some pics and write an AAR when I play some games.