I´ve had a very busy Friday. And even though I was so tired, I somehow got to see Watchmen at 1am and then grab a beer with my friends. I got home at 6. Saturdays are no walk in the park either. After some work I did the usual radio show, and this time I was running things. We all ended up exhausted. So I decide to go home after the show finished, at 9pm today.

Grabbed a bite, and decided it was as good time as any to put some paint on some figures. So I sit down, play some Royal Hunt mp3s on the pc and get on slow and easy.

First I assemble some Space Marines I need for my first game of 40K 5th against a live opponent. That´s gonna be good. Then I decided I could paint up the four Men of Gondor I have to complete a combat company for the upcoming War of the Ring. You can see the guys on the pic in the last entry. They were already primed and with the metallics. But I also have a company of elven archers on the workbench. So after assembling the marines I prime them black. I do this with a brush… don´t like the spray paint mess, and I have to touch them up anyway.

I then use the same black to cover the almost completely black men of Gondor, cleaning the parts that got messy with the metallic drybrushing. I do the lights for that, paint the flesh, brown for gloves and several other stuff, try to replicate a blueish grey on the cloaks (I painted the other many years ago), and suddenly I realize it´s been an hour and a half since I started. The elves´ basecoat is dry.

I grab my metallic paint which I always leave for last for obvious reasons, and drybrush them making a total mess. That´s the way I like it, cause it makes the metal look like metal, and not metal paint. The elves are going to be mainly golden anyway, but I use a silver base before putting gold over black. I get some gold paint, resist the urge to apply it to the elves because I need to leave the silver dry up really good before that, and do some touch ups with gold on the men of Gondor.

Suddenly the four figures were completely painted, and the 8 elf bowmen were in a state that leaves them ready to paint next time I sit down. I wash my brushes and palette, and light up my pipe. It´s 1:30 in the morning now, and instead of being tired and cranky, I´m relaxed and have made some progress in my workbench cleaning project.

I love painting miniatures.