First of all, an update on my actual project. The workbench is looking good.

And second, I received some plastic stuff from ebay. Stuff I can´t get here in Buenos Aires because, well, we suck. And since I was ordering abroad, I might as well buy some good products.

First thing is some Roman auxiliary infantry. I can finally finish my EIR DBA army. I´ll probably expand it just to use these marvelous Zvezda figures.

And then, I have two enemies of Egypt coming along. It is almost impossible here to get any kind of biblical or somesuch stuff. So I decided to get two enemy armies in one strike. Some Sea Peoples, both Hat and Caesar, and some excellent Caesar Hittites. The light chariots for the Hittites and the chariots for the Sea Peoples can be made with the Nexus Egyptian cavalry set I can get here (at least I hope I can get another set).

And remember. Always plan your plastic purchases looking at Plastic Soldier Review.