Still getting the workbench cleaned. I just finished painting some counters for Victory at Sea and 6 Epic SM Rhinos. I am finishing 3 Carthaginian elephants and 3 28mm Spartan warriors I need for some roleplaying. I will post pics of all of this when I get my camera back 🙂

I also received figures from an awesome trade, from Ireland. More and more I´m convinced that the trust and commitment level of some online communities is the best part of the hobby. Nothing beats getting figures from someone who can´t or won´t use them, and send him your extra figures or the occasional failed project that got you so excited once. You get OOP figures or just plain cheap stuff, without paying no third party and spending only on shipping.

The trade included a huge (and I mean huge) number of Epic figures. Space Marines infantry and vehicles, some robots (these are so cool), some Imperial Guard infantry and bikes, and some Chaos stuff. Also a Tyranid something I still don´t know what it is just as extra.

Pics of this stuff soon. I have a busy week (In Flames concert tonight!!!) and my camera is someplace else.

And colonials, because that´s what the title says. I just read THW´s Colonial Adventures. A ruleset I wasn´t that interested in but took advantage of the sale they have this month. The rules are simply amazing. Simple, elegant, playable solo, full of flavor. They are quite unique in the THW universe, and definitely get me going for when I finish cleaning the workbench. Oh, you didn´t know? I have about 30 painted Zulus. I just need about 30 more and some Europeans 😛