I love wargaming blogs. In the wargaming world not much ever changes. It´s a very solid and old fashioned hobby. However these last few years some stuff has been changing the way we play and talk about wargames. Blogs are one of them.

I have been wargaming for a relatively short time. I am 27 and started at 18 or 19. It´s really nothing compared to most historical wargamers I know (the ones that stick with it at least). But popular use of blogs, and the evolution of the digital camera are some things I got to see in my “wargaming career”.

I don´t have a links section in this blog. Mainly because it´s tought out as a website rather than a journal. Sometimes I update regularly, sometimes I don´t. And blogs, specially in the beginning, tended to be abandoned alarmingly often. Half of your links would be dead in six months.

However, I´ll link to some blogs here in this post. These are some of the blogs I read, and have the stuff that I enjoy most.

  • Casual wargaming topics. Just stuff you would talk about with a gamer friend.
  • Reports from wargaming clubs, with games played and pictures.
  • Info on several topics and eras, some in the same blog.
  • Pictures of unpainted figures that just came in the mail or on the painting table.
  • Pics of painted figures on the tabletop.
  • Pics of the actual people playing the game. I love to see general pics that are not just diorama-like.
  • Pics of games being played with all the stuff attached to it. Dice, rulers, markers, chits, the odd drink left on the table, etc.
  • General pics of wargaming events, not just the tables or the figures.

That´s some stuff I like, and you can see I do some of that in this blog.

So, here are some links for you to enjoy: