Since all my efforts are put on cleaning the workbench, I am resisting the urge to make some scenery. It´s just that because of the workbench cleaning I´m finishing small projects that need to be played, and I need scenery for that.

However, a few days ago I came across these magnificent paper buildings. Go half way down the page for them. I´m pretty sure they are even better than some of the stuff for sale in pdf. And these are free!!

Ok, so the theme is pretty limited. But the sheer amount of different buildings makes a gaming table come alive in a flash. And you can make as many of each as you want.

So I went to my local graphics store and printed four, just random buildings. Each costed me less than 3 US bucks. And they look absolutely stunning. I can see a whole table filled with these for some fantasy skirmish with the excellent Song of Blades and Heroes rules.

Here you have the bakery, the butcher´s shop, the Blackbirds Lodge, and the Bertholdt Residence.

In other news, I have finished 5 tyranid termagaunts. These are important because they are the first ´nids I ever painted and are the ones I was experimenting with for the color scheme. I wanted something both contrasting and easy, so I could paint big numbers in little time. In fact, the spore bombs on the tyranid gallery were painted after I began with these. I have five more of these and will base them all together. The workbench is getting some air finally.